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About Us


The Central Texas Council of Governments helps local communities work cooperatively to improve the conditions and well-being of Central Texans. Whether reaching out to elders in need of at-home or nursing home assistance, helping a family find a safe and affordable home, providing essential transportation planning, or keeping you safe through emergency and security programs, we serve with compassion dedication and professionalism.

Happening Cities

Cities You Must Explore This Summer

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Popular for its appearance in films such as Fear the Walking Dead,  The Newton Boys, and the Texas Chainsaw films, Barlett is filled with Texas charm.

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The Central Texas city of Killeen would not have come to be without the establishment of Camp Hood, a U.S. military reservation, in 1942. 

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Visit Rockdale’s The Kay Theatre, a community center that was once a military Quonset, is now a multi-event center. As the last remaining theater in Milam County, you’ll be able to have a unique night at the movies.

Let’s connect

Our Texan People

Being available for Central Texans is important to us! That’s why we provide various programs such as: 

  • Housing Assistance 
  • Emergency Services 
  • Planning & Regional Services
  • Area Agency on Aging 
  • Workforce Solutions of Central Texans

Together, we accomplish what we cannot do alone.