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Thorndale was an area for farmers as a shipping point since it was near the International-Great Northern Railroad. Originally, Thorndale has a hotel and a few essential businesses. In 1884 it had a population of 130 and continued to grow as society progressed. By 1903 there were 66 students were being taught by two teachers in one building. Later in 1913, the Thorndale Independent School District was established. The town is now reported to have a population of 1,290.


Find yourself hungry as you’re exploring the town? There are several great restaurants in Thorndale. There’s Carol’s, Steve’s Place, Brushy Creek, and Schroeder’s Place. If you want a quick snack you can stop by a coffee shop like Java Junction Coffeehouse or stop by Louisiana Sno-House for a cold treat!

You can also get a feel for the nightlife. There are several places to go out for drinks like Schroeder’s Place, Steve’s Place, and Brushy Creek!


If you’re in the mood to move around a bit and enjoy a breath of fresh air, there are plenty of parks and wildlife areas around to enjoy a nice walk or to take a scenic hike. There’s the Fair Park, the Wilson Fox Park, Friendship Park, and the Pecan Grove Wildlife Area.

Historical Sites

Thorndale has plenty of nearby historical sites to keep any history buff occupied. There’s the International & Great Northern Railroad, the Snow Hill Covered Bridge, the Rockdale Community, and the Rockdale Furnace Historic District!