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If it weren’t for the International-Great Northern Railroad, the town of Milano would not have come to be. As the railroad was established in 1874, so did the townsite for this Texas town. 

By 1881, the Colorado and Santa Fe Railway established the town of Milano Junction less than two miles from Milano. Milano Junction became the center of all local social and economic life, which, ultimately led to Milano becoming known as Old Milano, and Milano Junction was deemed Milano. 

Locals say the origin of the town name was inspired by Milan, Italy due to the region’s similar climate to that of the European city. Other town lore says the original name of the town was to be Milan, but the Post Office Department mistook the name for Milan or changed it intentionally because a Milam, Texas, already existed.

Despite the town’s small population, Milano served as a mighty shipping point for cotton, trucking, and agriculture. 


Just 10 minutes away from Rockdale, Texas, residents and visitors of Milano can enjoy a bite at Brett’s Backyard Barbecue, Becky’s Sandwiches, and Coronas Mexican Restaurant. 

End your day at a bar where everyone knows your name at Nat’s. Locals have been going to Nat’s all their lives and enjoy the “at-home” atmosphere and family-like employees that bring customers coming back. 


Rockdale is the perfect place to shop some Southern charm at Rustic Charm Decor & Boutique, The Gypsy Cottage, and Treat Yourself Boutique. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a friend, these local shops are filled with cute apparel, household decor, and accessories anyone would love!


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Historical Sites

The rural town of Milano is said to be haunted by the ghost of country music legend Johnny Horton, who passed away in an automobile accident that he had predicted years prior. 

Horton made a name for himself as a rockabilly singer, and it was said as his fame grew so did the growing premonition of his death. Horton became known for his hit songs such as “Battle of New Orleans,” “North to Alaska,” “Sink the Bismarck,” and “Johnny Reb.”

But, Milam County has a deep history that should not be overlooked. The International & Great Northern Railroad Passenger Depotdagger is located in Rockdale and highlights how essential the Missouri Pacific lines were in Texas.