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South Mountain

Located north of U.S Highway 84, South Mountain, TX is a town about three miles east of Gatesville which is located in Central Coryell County. South Mountain first showed up on highway maps in 1970 but it was only during the mid-1980s that the citizens were incorporated. In 1990, South Mountain had a population of 301 and has steadily been rising since. The census shows that there are about 377 residents as of this year.


Looking for a place to stop by and grab a quick bite? There are a couple of restaurants near South Mountain that can satisfy any travel craving. There’s Chicken Express, Burger Boy, and Backdoor Bar & Grill. Afterward, you can grab dessert at the local ice cream shops. There’s Texas Star Creamery and Schwan’s Ice Cream. 

Looking for a good breakfast option or needing that caffeine pick-me-up to get you through the rest of your day? Look no further because the Coffe Shop Cafe and Coffee Station have got you covered! Only a short drive away, get a coffee and some delicious baked goods to start your morning off right!


Texas is a state that typically enjoys warm weather and sunny clouds 90% of the year, which makes it very tempting to enjoy the great outdoors. Towns like South Mountain have several parks for residents and tourists alike to take a break during their day and enjoy the nature around them. Check out Fort Gates Park, Raby Park, Fauntleroy Park, or Oglesby Park the next time you’re in South Mountain!

Historical Sites

Looking to learn some new things during your trip? There are plenty of historical sites to visit! There’s the Gates County Courthouse, the Coryell County Courthouse, the Elmwood Plantation, and the Roberts-Carter House. There are also museums where one can take a closer look at the culture of South Mountain. There’s the Coryell County Museum, the Valley Mills Historical Museum, Fourth Infantry Division Museum, and First Cavalry Division Museum, Visit these historical areas and learn about the rich history that South Mountain is a part of!