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Troy, also known as New Troy, was built around a railway station after 1882. It came from an earlier community also named Troy (now known as Old Troy) on Elm Creek. By 1884, Troy has 250 inhabitants, a post office, two churches, a gin and mill, three saloons, a hotel, and a cooperative association.

As Troy continued to progress, they established a weekly newspaper by 1892 called the Troy Enterprise. By 1903 they had the largest school district in the county with 171 students and 4 teachers. Troy continued to grow as it became a shipping point for cotton, livestock, and other agricultural products of the region. As of 2020, Troy has a population size of more than 2,000 people.


Troy has several restaurants such as Mi Familia Mexican Restaurant, Tooters Bar-B-Que, and Phelan S Restaurant. You can also go out for drinks at their different bars and lounges like El Tejano Ballroom! The best part is if you’re looking for your caffeine fix the next day, you can go to the different Starbucks Cafes around the area.

Historical Sites

Want to enrich your trip with some fun historical sites and preservations? Try visiting the Mother Neff State Park to have a break from the typical hustle and bustle of everyday life and have a lovely walk around the premises. You can also visit historical buildings like the Barclay-Bryan House or the Wilson, Ralph, Sr., and Sunny House.

Arts & Entertainment

Troy is an area is a great place for artists as well. There are local photography studios, galleries, and more! With a short drive to Temple, there is Art by Jean. Driving a little further, you can also visit the Bell Fine Arts Association.