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Bell County is home to the city of Nolanville, Texas, a small, Central Texas town that lies east of Killeen, Texas. What began as an area that had 50 residents is now home to around 5,000 people and is part of the Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood Metropolitan Area.

However, the town was not always called Nolanville. It was originally named Nolan Valley, most likely for Nolan Creek which was named after explorer Philip Nolan, a Texas trader. Nolan Valley was one of the earliest White settlements in Bell County. 

In 1850, Nolan Valley had a population of 46 and so began the town development with the addition of a post office, and an evergrowing railroad that reached the town in the early 1880s. 

The town name was officially changed to Nolanville in 1883 and by the following year, the town was inhabited by 100 people, held two mill-gins, three churches, and a school. From the early 1900s to the 1940s, Nolanville was a booming town that reach 200 residents at its peak. But, after World War II, the population began to decline and dropped to 50 inhabitants in the 1950s. 

But this little town once again had a revival and had 200 residents and six businesses in 1966, allowing the city to be incorporated into the expansion of the Killeen-Fort Hood area. 


On a bright sunny day, make your way to Monarch Park. This beautiful community park is perfect for everyone! The park is equipped with a playground, swings, a splash pad, and soccer fields. As children play, parents can set up a picnic on the tables that are scattered throughout the park. 

Historical Sites

Residents and visitors will not want to overlook the Texas Historical Marker of the Nolanville Encampment. The Nolanville Encampment played a significant role in the Church of Christ being developed in Central Texas. 

The story of the encampment started in 1889 when five families met under a brush arbor to for the Nolanville Church of Christ. From then, the church held 106 consecutive summer camp meetings dedicated to teaching, preaching, and fellowship. Each August, as many as 1,000 people were drawn to the encampment from a 100-mile radius. Families camped in tents and cooked their own meals; the meeting site was modernized over time to provide cabins, running water and electricity. The last encampment was held in 1996. 

Arts & Entertainment

The close-knit community of Nolanville has plenty of annual events that are great for the entire family! Celebrate the start of school with the Back To School Splash with Make a Difference Day. Participants are encouraged to make a positive impact in the community by acts of kindness like planting trees or cleaning community gardens. 

For Halloween, make sure to dress up so you can participate in Halloween Fest & Night Market’s Trick-or-Treat & Costume Contest. 

Christmas is a special time of year and Nolanville spends the Holiday season sending warm wishes to local first responders, police officers, firefighters, EMS, and military personnel during the annual Holiday Parade.