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Hico is another quaint Central Texas town worth the visit! Hico is named after a small town in Kentucky, where Hico, Texas founder Dr. John R. Alford originated. Hico has been around since the 1850s, but it wasn’t officially incorporated until 1883. Since its beginning, Hico has made its bounty in the cotton industry as well as cattle and horse raising. Hico experienced harmful fires a few weeks apart in 1890 that did quite a bit of damage to the town and its businesses, but after rebuilding using stone structures that risk was put to an end. To this day, Hico continues to be the perfect getaway from nearby big-city life in Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin. 

The 2020 census records the current population of Hico as 1,437. 


If you’re spending the afternoon or even the whole weekend in Hico, you won’t have to worry about where to eat while you’re here. There are plenty of options for a hearty and satisfying meal such as Chicken Express, Cowboy Kitchen Pizza Inn (burgers and pizza), Giovanni’s Italian Restaurant, Jersey Lilly’s (Mexican and American), Pita Place, and Sonic. For sweet lovers, make sure you stop by EIS (sandwiches and ice cream) or Koffee Kup Family Restaurant (donuts, pies, and homemade breads) any time of the day! If dessert is all you need, make sure you visit Wiseman House Chocolates


Hico is home to a large variety of boutiques, clothing stores, mercantiles, and more, such as Hico Mercantile, Sugar Moon Market & FG Clothing, Blue Star Trading Co, The Lace Cactus, Punchy Vaquera, Cole’s General Store, Green Canoe Outfitters & Taproom, Nana’s Britches n’ Bows, Stephen’s Country Corner, and Hide and Horne — all with a wide selection of items!


If you’re looking for camping, picnicking, hiking, boating, and playgrounds, look no further than Brazos River Basin or Meridian State Park. Dinosaur Valley State Park hosts a wide range of outdoor activities as well as a chance to see real dinosaur tracks on the riverbed (when conditions are favorable), and Fossil Rim Wildlife Center offers plenty of educational opportunities and exotic animals to visit. 

Rough Creek Lodge & Resort and Squaw Valley Country Club give you a taste of the tranquil outdoors with a splash of luxury to make your stay more comfortable. 

Historical Sites

Known by many aliases, the infamous Billy the Kid outlaw, who was believed by many to have been shot and killed in 1881, may have actually survived until 1950 and died in Hico, supposedly of natural causes. See evidence of his hidden life after 1881 at the Billy the Kid Museum and see which theory you believe for yourself! 

Hico’s Historic Downtown has enough shops, snack shops, lodging, museums, music, food, and more to keep you busy the entire afternoon and the whole family interested and entertained!

Arts & Entertainment

If you’re feeling adventurous, Siloville Climbing Gym is a must! This indoor/outdoor climbing gym is built inside retired grain silos, so climbers can reach heights of almost 70 feet. There is also an obstacle course for the vertigo averse to enjoy! For something a little more chill, enjoy many of the Events and live music venues happening around Historic Downtown.